The SEO Basics Your Clients Should Know About

How to Cross-Market Your Blog and Your Business, Promoting Each to Each Other’s Audience

Business Blogging – “What Should We Write About?”

Some Things To Consider When Establishing a Budget For A Web Site

Two Online Tools to Find out Who Is Talking About You On The Web

The 3 Trust Factors of Web Sites and Their Design

Findability vs. Trustability

The Businesses That Are Left…

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Why Businesses Should Include Their Phone Number(s) in Their Optimization

Oh, the Lovely Client…Some Ideas On How to Get Along with Your Web-Services Provider

SEO and “Latent Semantic Indexing”, “LSI Friendly”, “Semantic Content” Is a Bunch of CRAP!

You Now HAVE to Sell Through a Computer Screen to Be Successful

SEO…What Is It? Why Do You Need It? Part 1- Local Search

What is a Title-tag?

What are Meta Keywords? What is a Keyword List?

What is Anchor Text?

What is a Meta Description?

What is an Alt-tag?

Business Blogging – “What Should We Write About?”

How I Made Some Good Money Through Facebook

How to Get the most of Your Web Site During This Horrid Economic Time- 8 Tips

What is SEO Consulting? Well, It Depends on the Vision of the Consultant

Some Thoughts on SEO, Increased Sales and PPC.

Easy Way to Add Business Videos to You Tube and Your Web Site

So, What Really Is Important to a Business? SEO? SMO? SEM? Clients? An Effective Web Site?

SEO…What Is It? Why Do You Need It? Part 3, SMO- Social Media Optimization

Some Basic Web Site Psychology to Consider When Designing a Web Site

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